Pakistan Maritime Museum: Journey Through Naval Heritage

Nestled in Karachi, the Pakistan Maritime Museum stands tall, bearing witness to the abundant maritime history of the country. It acts as a central hub dedicated to safeguarding and championing its naval legacy. Boasting remarkable exhibits and engaging displays, the museum extends a one-of-a-kind chance for visitors to delve into the vibrant maritime realm of Pakistan.

Navigating History: The Maritime History Gallery

Embark on a time-traveling odyssey through the Maritime History Gallery. Here, the intricate tales of Pakistan’s maritime past unfold, revealing seafaring traditions, ancient trade routes, and triumphs of the naval era.

Miniature Voyages: Model Ship Gallery

Chart the course of maritime evolution at the Model Ship Gallery. Behold exquisite scale models of ships, submarines, and naval vessels, each telling a story of technological advancement on the high seas.

Arsenals Unveiled: Weapons and Artillery Gallery

Immerse yourself in the arsenal legacy of the Pakistan Navy at the Weapons and Artillery Gallery. From historical weapons to naval artillery, this exhibit showcases the might that has guarded Pakistan’s maritime interests.

Submerged Chronicles: Submarine Museum

Dive into the fascinating depths of the Submarine Museum—an actual retired submersible. Explore the corridors, glide your fingers over the metal surfaces, and absorb the submariners’ lifestyle in this enthralling journey beneath the waves.

Breeze through the Outdoor Exhibits: A Breath of Fresh Naval History

Venture into the open-air section, where vintage naval aircraft, boats, and artillery bask in the Karachi sun. It’s a feast for enthusiasts and a visual spectacle that breathes life into maritime history.

Beyond the Exhibits: Facilities Galore

Beyond the captivating exhibits, the museum offers a haven of facilities:

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Pakistan Navy Community Centre: A hub for naval camaraderie.

Cafeteria: Savor maritime exploration with a side of refreshments.

Praying Area: Find solace and reflection.

Playland: A maritime adventure for the little sailors.

Unlocking the Gates: Pakistan Maritime Museum Ticket Prices

Delve into this maritime wonder without breaking the bank. Ticket prices stand at a wallet-friendly PKR 60 per person, with a nominal additional charge of PKR 20 for entry into the submarine, aircraft, and ship exhibits.

Navigating Time: Pakistan Maritime Museum Timings

Seize the day! The museum opens its doors daily, welcoming visitors from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. For the latest updates on timings and any schedule adjustments, check the official website or connect directly with the museum.


The Pakistan Maritime Museum is not just a testament to naval history; it’s an immersive journey through the waves of time. With diverse galleries, educational offerings, budget-friendly tickets, and flexible timings, it’s an adventure for everyone. Dive into the captivating maritime legacy of Pakistan and create lasting memories at the Pakistan Maritime Museum.

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